5 Family Fun Ways to Cool Off in Southwest Florida

5 Family Fun Ways to Cool Off in Southwest Florida

As the hot and humid Florida summer approaches, outdoor activities start to seem limited. But there are plenty of fun ways to keep cool while still enjoying the great outdoors. Here are five family fun activities we know you’ll enjoy!

Sun Splash Family Water Park

Sun Splash Water Park in Cape Coral is great for families of all ages with towering slides, a lazy river, and atmospheric play areas. You can also enjoy the occasional Dippin’ Dots treat! They have lifeguards on duty overlooking all areas and visibly scanning the water to ensure everyone’s safety, especially on the more crowded days. However, it’s best to avoid this park on days where it’s really hot, as the park is busy and the water heats up by noon. Otherwise, take plenty of advantage of this great and refreshing place to escape the heat during the summer!

The Naples Zoo

The Naples Zoo is full of exotic animals as well as shaded areas, making it a great place to explore. One sight you definitely can’t miss is watching the staff feed the alligators. The gators will stand up in the water on their tail and jump to grab a piece of chicken from the handler! You can feed some of the animals too, like the giraffes. And don’t forget the boat ride to see the islands of different types of monkeys, apes, and lemurs. Iguanas are commonly seen hopping from island to island too!

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Photo courtesy of Captain CJ’s Jetpack Adventures.

Captain CJ’s Hydro Jet Packs

Captain CJ’s Jetpack Action Adventure is not quite the jet pack you’ve seen in the movies. It’s basically a hydro jet pack that lets you hover in the air or skip through the water like a dolphin! You can cool off with the gulf breeze while enjoying the view. After flying and enjoying the hydro packs, CJ’s in Naples is just minutes away from downtown, the perfect place to get a bite to eat and shop.

Headpinz Laser Tag and Bowling

If you are looking for indoor fun, Headpinz has bowling, a rope course, game zone, and laser tag. It’s air-conditioned fun that still lets you get active! The rope course is all above the game zone and has plenty of safety measures, making it enjoyable for everyone. The laser tag arena is two stories of fun, but avoid going at night when it is a lot busier because there is a long line for laser tag and bowling. They have a restaurant and bar attached, making it perfect for dinner and a night out.

Pure Naples Jet Boat Rides

Pure Naples does jet boat rides so you can get a breeze and a refreshing splash while soaking up Southwest Florida’s gorgeous natural scenery! The best part about boat rides down here are the combination of natural beauty and wildlife combined with luxury homes that line the coast and canals. The jet boat is sightseeing with an adrenaline rush!

Don’t avoid the sun at home in your air conditioned house, waiting for summer to pass. Get out and enjoy some fun ways to cool off while getting a tan!

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