5 Tips to Keep Your Heating Bill Low This Winter

5 Tips to Keep Your Heating Bill Low This Winter

Although Florida tends to opt out of winter every year, there’s still the occasional cold spell that causes us to turn on the heater. Unfortunately, that can mean bad news for the electric bill. The cost of heating accounts for approximately half of energy bills for the average American every year! Here’s a few ways to stay on budget while still keeping your toes warm.

1. Lower Your Thermostat

Turning your heat down, even just a few degrees is the easiest way to save big bucks in the colder months. You likely won’t notice a huge difference in the ambient temperature at home and it can shave 5-10% off your heating bill. Don’t forget to turn down the heat whenever you leave home for more than a few hours!

2. Get Cozy in the Kitchen

There are many activities you can do around the house that will turn the heat up without turning the heat on and cooking is a great example. The oven is sure to bring the temperature up a few degrees and the activity will keep your mind off your cold toes. Next time you’re feeling chilly, try a new recipe or bake a tasty treat!

3. Learn to Love Socks

The quickest way to make an impact on your heating bill is to bundle up! Throw an extra sweater on and learn to love socks rather than just turning the heater up. Perhaps try throwing a blanket on the couch or adding an electric heating blanket to your bed. Are snuggies still in style?

4. Trap the Heat

Check your house to make sure all your doors and windows are secure. Even a small crack can cause a big leak when the heat is on. You might also want to consider installing draft stoppers on exterior doors to keep air from escaping under the door. Try not to use ventilation fans in the bathroom and kitchen – they replace the heat with cool air.

5. Call for a Checkup

All heaters require expert maintenance to keep them running efficiently. Electric and oil heaters should be evaluated at least once a year and gas heaters every other year by a professional. If you need a check-up or suspect a problem with your heater, call D & D Air Conditioning and Heating for skilled technicians and great customer service! We don’t often need the heater in South Florida, but it better work when we do!

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