Your Air Conditioning Just Went Out… Now What?

Your Air Conditioning Just Went Out… Now What?

Your air conditioner went out and it will be a couple hours until an A/C repairman can make it to your house. The worst part? It’s over 100 degrees outside! Here are some ways to keep cool in the meantime.

Find Some Shade Outside

A theory by thermal comfort researchers Richard de Dear and Gail Brager called the “Adaptive Model of Comfort” says that our tolerance for hot air changes based on the temperatures we’ve recently experienced. The more you try to adjust to the warm temperature, the easier it will be to tolerate. In this scenario, try to walk outside where you will likely find shade and a breeze. It will be easier to adjust outside than trying to cool off in the house. Bring a wet hand towel to keep over your head or neck to help keep cool – especially if you get a breeze!

Keep Cool With Tile, Ice, or a Wet Sheet

If you struggle to adjust to the heat outside, you can also lie on any floor with tile. A majority of air conditioning usage comes from cooling concrete, tile, and other dense insulators in the home. While inside, take advantage of the cooling effects of water! Hang a wet sheet over a window to catch the air flowing through the house and push the heat up like a swamp cooler. Or salt some ice from the freezer and place it in front of the fan to catch a cool breeze!


Take a Page from Southern Architecture

Southern architecture relied on air flow to keep residents comfortable before air conditioning. We can learn a lot by implementing their methods while the air conditioner is out of commission. First, cover all windows that face the sun to prevent the rays from heating up the house. Next, open the uncovered doors and windows to allow air flow. Finally, turn off any appliances or devices that generate heat to allow the cool air to circulate undisturbed. Avoid LED lights, large televisions, video game consoles and computers. If the kids get bored, send them outside to play with a hose or the sprinklers!

Go With It

When all else fails, turn days like this into a barbecue or a picnic! Make sure to cook outside, so that anytime you return to the house it will be cool. This is ideal in later hours of the day, especially as everything outside cools off and becomes much more tolerable. A kitty pool wouldn’t be a bad investment either!

Next time your air conditioner gives up and you have to wait for AC services, take advantage of these methods to ease your waiting time. Maybe it will lead to more grilling and fun outside for the whole family!

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