Autumn is Coming, Is Your Home Ready?

Autumn is Coming, Is Your Home Ready?

School is back in session, water parks are beginning to shut down for the season, and the streets are starting to fill with snowbirds. Leaves across the country are changing, the air is filled with pumpkin spiced Lattes, and autumn is just around the corner. We are now in the grey area between the glorious summertime and never-ending winter. Before the new season sneaks up on us, here are a few things you and your family can do to transition your home comfortably into fall.

1. Utilize Your Fans

As the temperature begins to drop, give your air conditioning a break and flip on the fan. Fans can help cool your home down on milder days and can significantly slice energy costs throughout the fall/winter seasons. Also, you could open up the windows and let the fresh, crisp air inside on those colder days. Just don’t forget to close them or you’ll wake up with icicles under your nose.

2. Maintenance

Fall is the perfect season to get your yearly maintenance checkup taken care of. Just like your vehicle, your air conditioning needs to be serviced to ensure it is running at peak efficiency. Scheduling a maintenance appointment can help you avoid expensive and unexpected repairs and save you hundreds in the long run. Also, tune-ups can save energy and cut down on electric consumption.









3. Replace it All

Autumn is a great time to replace all of those parts you’ve been putting off during the summer. Replace your air filter to let your air conditioning system breathe and run without obstruction. Some filters can protect your home from pollen, mold, and other allergens in the air which could potentially harm you and your family.

4. Clear it Away

Usually during the autumn season (sometimes not in Florida), leaves and branches begin to fall. To ensure your air system does not become less efficient or damaged; clear away all debris to a minimum 3 foot radius around your exterior unit. Loose branches or leaf buildup could damage the fan and put a kink in your system.

5. Sealed

Make sure your home is completely air tight this season. Check all of the weather stripping on your doors and windows to ensure they are not dirty, cracked, or worn. Old and damaged weather stripping can make it difficult for a tight seal to form and can cause mass amounts of air to escape overtime. Also, you should have your air ducts professionally inspected, checked, and sealed to help cut down on energy loss and to prevent dust and hot air from entering.

Autumn in Florida is a time to get together with family, enjoy the great outdoors, and thankfully still go to the beach! Have peace of mind this upcoming season by taking advantage of these simple steps to get your home ready for fall. Now go get your pumpkin spiced latte and get to work!

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