Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

When it comes to cooling down your home, size isn’t necessarily a priority. Buying an industrial sized air conditioning unit will not make you feel any more comfortable in your home than a mid-sized unit. Surprisingly, a larger A/C unit that is too big for the area it is conditioning will perform less efficiently in your home than a properly sized unit.

Here’s the reason: an over sized unit will cool the rooms to the thermostat set-point before proper dehumidification occurs, making the area feel “clammy” and uncomfortable, according to Central air conditioning systems and units need to be sized and determined by certified professionals. Once you have your system in place, set your fan to “auto” so that the system’s central fan provides air circulation when needed.

To maximize your home’s efficiency and lower your utility bills, consider purchasing an energy efficient A/C model. When browsing different options, make sure to look for the Energy Star label. These air conditioning units are about 10-15% more efficient than the standard models.


To get a quick fix, turn on circulating fans in the particular room you may need some air flow. Utilizing fans is a great way to effectively cool down your home throughout the hotter times of the day. Fans consume far less energy than turning on your air conditioner or lowering the temperature.

Temperature control is a major factor when it comes to cooling down a house. By setting your thermostat at the highest possible temperature that still ensures comfort, it will greatly reduce unneeded output from your system.

Also, do not set your thermostat at a lower temperature than normal when you turn on your A/C, it will not cool down your house any quicker and could potentially result in unnecessary cooling. In addition, do not place any appliances, lamps, or bright lighting that emits heat near a thermostat. When high levels of heat are aimed toward a thermostat, it creates a false reading of your home’s actual temperature.

Finding the correct size, model, and efficient air conditioning system that fits your home perfectly can be a challenge. Following these tips will save you money and calling a professional will save you time. D & D has certified techs that can find the perfect custom unit for your home and even provide expert advice and tips to keep it running smoothly year after year.

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