The Business of Temperature Control

The Business of Temperature Control

We all love our HVAC systems here in Southwest Florida. Without air conditioning, most of our state would be uninhabitable. The ability to keep our homes at the perfect temperature lets us sleep better, avoid potentially dangerous complications due to extreme temperatures, and enjoy living in the Sunshine State. But the importance of heating and cooling extends far beyond personal comfort. The ability to regulate temperature also plays a key role in the business world as well.

Regulating temperature and humidity for business purposes is what lead to the invention of modern air conditioning. Willis Carrier was tasked with controlling the humidity in a printing press. But while removing the humidity from the air, he also found the ability to drop the temperature in the room. This regulation continues to be crucial in the medical industry, as well as any office or company that uses computers. Temperature control also gave rise to the summer blockbuster, as movie theaters became the best way to beat the heat during the dog days of summer.


The ability of HVAC to benefit business isn’t only limited to optimizing machinery. Mankind’s capability to work effectively is also temperature sensitive. A Cornell study found that employees make more mistakes when they are focused on dealing with an uncomfortable climate. In their research, they found that raising the temperature from 68°F up to 77°F reduced typing mistakes by 44%, but any increase beyond 77°F resulted in a decline in output.

Retailers and restaurants can benefit from temperature control too. Studies have shown that consumers are willing to spend more when they feel warm and comfortable. For restaurants, the results are slightly different as people tend to eat lighter when it’s extremely warm.

For companies doing business in Southwest Florida, knowing what temperature suits your goals best can be almost as important as choosing the right promotions and sales. It’s important to regularly service your HVAC system so you can accurately and efficiently control your environment. Make sure your business doesn’t melt away due to an inefficient or damaged air conditioner!

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