How to Convince Your Friends and Family to Move to Southwest Florida

How to Convince Your Friends and Family to Move to Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida is a tropical paradise. Everyone who’s lived here knows it and anyone who ever visits quickly finds out they have stumbled into heaven on earth. But, for some reason, everyone has that pesky friend or relative who refuses to see the light and move down here. If you’ve been having a hard time convincing friends or family to join you on the paradise coast, we’ve come up with a list of reasons why Southwest Florida is the only place to live.

  1. The Weather

The most obvious reason to love Southwest Florida is the amazing weather! Why would anyone want to deal with shoveling snow and frozen, dead car batteries when you can dig your toes into the sand during then day and then retire to a perfectly air conditioned home in the evening?

  1. The Events

Do you need to be constantly entertained? Is it impossible for you to find something to do? In Southwest Florida, you don’t need to entertain yourself! There are tons of events to attend. The area is home to multiple seafood festivals, craft beer events, and fairs that will keep you busy and well-fed.


  1. The Activities

You always have a way to stay active in Southwest Florida! It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid golfer, an adrenaline-seeking jet skier, an obsessed fisherman, or love exploring the waterways on your kayak – Southwest Florida is where you want to be!

  1. The People

If your friends and family still aren’t convinced that this is paradise, just let them meet the people who live here. Southwest Florida residents are some of the most upbeat, personable, and friendly people to set foot in the state!

Southwest Florida has something for everyone. From the wonderful weather to the great people, this is the only place we want to be!

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