How to Deal with Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home.  Ductless May Be the Answer.

How to Deal with Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home. Ductless May Be the Answer.

Excessive temperature variations from one room to the next, or even from one side of the room to the other, can be frustrating and uncomfortable. It usually means that the system’s ductwork has been compromised or that there may be inadequate insulation. But one thing is certain, the system is inefficient and you are wasting energy trying to compensate by cranking the thermostat up or down.

Inspect for Leaks

To properly diagnose the problem bring in a professional HVAC technician to inspect your home and your equipment. Their findings will guide you in upgrading insulation and sealing leaks both large and small.

The Benefits of Ductless Multi-Splits

Homeowners may learn that their HVAC system is inadequate for an addition they are considering or have already built. The new room and the rest of the house just don’t cool and heat like they should. Or, perhaps a two-story home with a roof that does not allow for adequate insulation cooks upstairs while the ground floor is freezing. After exploring every option for sealing the house, hot and cold spots remain.

Smart HVAC contractors turn to ductless multi-splits to help homeowners save thousands over a complete replacement. They do a great job heating and cooling small areas without the inconvenience of a window unit. A ductless multi-split requires only a small hole in an exterior wall of each room being serviced, are easily sealed, and can be mounted high enough that they are barely noticeable.

Compressors in a ductless multi-split don’t turn on and off like other air conditioners. The motor simply adjusts its speed to the needs of the space. And, because so much energy can be lost as air flows through ductwork, more energy can be saved.

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