Decorate Your HVAC with Tips that Will Keep Your Home and Family Cool

Decorate Your HVAC with Tips that Will Keep Your Home and Family Cool

Want to make your air conditioner more cost efficient and reliable while also taking your yard to the next level? Follow these tips to create a cool and comfortable home with enhanced natural beauty.

Use Yard Plants as Natural AC
Homes across the nation have shutters, awnings, blinds, and curtains to block out sunlight from their home or allow light in for the winter. In Southwest Florida, some people have roller hurricane shutters and other protective measures for their windows in addition to some of those window cover options. This can be great for privacy and preventing the sun from overheating the house. But there are better alternatives that can enhance your home’s natural beauty and keep it from appearing shut away.

To keep the natural aesthetic of a Florida dream home and allow natural cooling features, many people use bushes, shrubs, or trees around the lining of the house and in front of their windows. It creates privacy while still allowing in natural light, which will save the home owner on their energy bills and can use less AC during certain seasons like winter to cool off the house. The home owner can open up the windows so that natural air can circulate through the house and push the warmer air outside. The positioning for the yard should be designed around the East and West facing windows that follow the sun’s daily path. Diverse garden designs have become more prominent in Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, and Marco Island because they can reflect the home owner’s personal taste and accent the house. The designs, like Florida’s traditional architecture, incorporate natural benefits for every homeowner while increasing value for the house.

air conditioning, florida, naples, fort myers, marco island, bonita springs, HVAC coverBuild a House for Your Air Conditioning Unit
Southwest Florida is home to many people who have found their dream homes. When they moved to the area, they not only found a place to live but created a yard that they can take pride in. However, their manicured and beautified lawns have exposed HVAC systems that can take away from their aesthetic. An exposed HVAC system is also less cost efficient than one that is covered and protected from dirt, leaves, and other debris. Many homeowners have resorted to hiding their HVAC with their trash cans or behind shrubs or bushes to protect it from the sun and yard debris (which can make it work harder).

For maximum effectiveness and ultimate aesthetic, a better option is to build a house for your unit that allows it to blend in with the appearance of the home or yard! This allows the HVAC unit to be in an enclosed space, maintaining a consistent temperature while blocking out dirt and other matter. Your system will still require maintenance but less often because of the increased protection. Dream homes will look more appealing while saving money!

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