Energy Efficiency Can Go A Long Way

Energy Efficiency Can Go A Long Way

Easy steps to reduce your energy consumption

Attaining energy efficiency is usually a top priority among building owners, managers, and home owners alike. Maintaining a steady energy plan sounds more difficult than it actually is. Like most plans, the energy plan outlined below involves step by step tips that will yield promising results and save you hundreds yearly. Here is a routine that will jump start your system’s efficiency and in turn reduce your energy bills.

First, record and gauge your current energy usage. By measuring and benchmarking your current usage, a control can be established and improvements made. If you use an energy consultant, your energy company may grant a discount on your bill.

Second, set realistic objectives and make sure the steps are achievable. By implementing a pragmatic energy goal, you’ll make sure everyone involved is held accountable.
Third, as with any improvement plan, establish smaller goals before taking on larger, more daunting tasks. For instance, you might begin by raising the overall temperature of your home or office by 1 degree. If the minute goals cannot even be satisfied, how can the larger (more important) ones be? Take a systematic approach: the motivation from early successes will help more complex endeavors form more naturally. By identifying the most energy intensive HVAC systems, electronics, or appliances, and tweaking the current usage, energy can be greatly reduced.

After this, now you’re ready to replicate and expand the success of the energy plan. You’ve seen results, now take broader action. Remember, not every situation is the same- manipulate this plan to fit your specific energy situation. At a minimum, schedule yearly maintenance checks, including duct cleaning and filter exchange to keep your system running in optimal condition. By fully committing to this process, energy consumption can be greatly reduced, along with energy bills, not to mention your carbon footprint.

“Efficiency is intelligent laziness.” –David Dunham

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