Why a Heat Recovery Ventilator Is a Good Investment During Winter

Why a Heat Recovery Ventilator Is a Good Investment During Winter

Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) are an energy-efficient way to push stale air out of your Lehigh Acres home and bring fresh air in. In winter, HRVs use a heat exchanger to extract warmth from stale outgoing air and use that warmth to heat fresh, cold incoming air. Dirty outgoing air doesn’t mix with clean incoming air, and the dirty air transfers heat without transferring any contaminants. An HRV can be a wise investment, and here’s why:

Clean Indoor Air

Energy-efficient Florida homes are almost airtight. That prevents treated air from escaping and driving up energy bills. However, without adequate ventilation, indoor air becomes an invisible cloud of pollution that can absorb everything from viruses, spores and bacteria to dander, toxic fumes and mites. These contaminants can make you sick and make allergies and respiratory conditions worse. Airtight homes retain moisture that can cause microbial growth while damaging the structure of your home. HRVs can greatly reduce and dilute the presence of airborne contaminants while also controlling excessive moisture.

High-efficiency Operation

HRVs are energy-efficient. In winter, they can be 90 to 95 percent efficient in recapturing outgoing heat, and they recover up to five times more heat energy than they use. Heat recovery ventilators don’t generate heat like your heating system. Instead, they recover heat from the exhaust air stream and recycle it back into your home. Because the same heat is used over and over, HRVs are an eco-friendly indoor air quality solution.

Recover Cool Air As Well As Warm

HRVs recycle the cool energy produced by your air conditioner in exactly the same way as they recycle heat energy produced by your heating system. Cool energy is captured by the heat exchanger on its way out of the house, and that cool energy is used to cool the warm, fresh incoming air.

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