What to Get Your House for Christmas

What to Get Your House for Christmas

The official start of winter is just around the corner and it’s right smack in the middle of holiday season. Stores are putting out their holiday deals and shop windows are decorated with fake snow. Chances are, at some point this winter you’ll  be out buying gifts for family and friends. And, while they will undoubtedly thank you for your thoughtful gesture, there is one more entity that should be treated to a little holiday love (even though it can’t thank you for it): your home!

The start of winter is a great time to give your home a little TLC. But what do you get that special home you hold so dear? Luckily, we have the perfect Christmas list for your favorite dwelling!

The first item on your home’s wish list this year is a new air filter. It’s important to swap out old filters for high quality new ones in order to keep your HVAC system running at its best. Not only will a fresh filter keep debris from jamming up your system, but new filters help reduce energy costs and remove allergens and particles from the air.

Another nice gesture your home will appreciate is checking all of your smoke alarms. With the weather taking a turn toward chilly, a comfy fire in the fireplace won’t be far behind. Give yourself some peace of mind as you doze by the fire by testing your alarms and checking the batteries.


The hottest item on every home’s list this year is functioning windows! It’s not every day in Florida where we can open a window and enjoy fresh, cool air. Right now is the perfect time to check your screens for any holes or tears and replace or repair them as needed. And, while you’re working on the screen, take this opportunity to check the seal around your windows. A drafty house is an energy killer and makes it much harder to control the temperature.

And, of course, the number one thing on every homes holiday wish list: an annual scheduled maintenance visit. Your heating and cooling systems should be serviced at least once a year, but this is much more than just a check up. Think of your maintenance check-up as getting a spa day for your home. Your HVAC system will feel refreshed and ready to take on the New Year!

Your home and HVAC system have been on the nice list all year, keeping you cool when the temperature spikes, protecting you from tropical storms and hurricanes, and being a great and cozy place to spend time. Make sure you reward your home this holiday season!

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