How Does Preventive Maintenance Benefit My HVAC System?

How Does Preventive Maintenance Benefit My HVAC System?

Originally published in April 2018

It’s easy to overlook HVAC maintenance when you’re not aware of all the benefits this service offers. Here are some reasons why annual tune-ups are a good investment with a high rate of return in Naples, FL:

Prevents HVAC Breakdowns

Most HVAC breakdowns can be avoided with a service plan. These plans ensure that your heater and air conditioner will be serviced every spring and fall. During maintenance, an experienced service technician can quickly identify potential problems that could take down your HVAC tomorrow if not addressed today.

Avoids Expensive HVAC Repairs

During a tuneup, your service technician will lubricate moving parts, ensure that electrical connections are safe, clean the condensate drain line and adjust the refrigerant level. These actions protect your equipment from potentially expensive HVAC repairs down the road.

Maximizes Energy Efficiency

Grit that collects on HVAC equipment over the course of a year makes it perform sluggishly. The system has to work twice as hard to overcome the resistance caused by dirt. A clean machine will keep you comfortable without burning up energy dollars needlessly.

Increases the Lifespan of Your HVAC Equipment

Poorly-maintained HVAC systems might last only half as long as their well-maintained counterparts. The better you care for your HVAC, the longer it will last before you have to replace it. Maintenance also keeps manufacturers’ warranties valid in the event of an equipment malfunction.

Helps to Keep Indoor Air Quality High

The dirt that collects on your HVAC equipment when it’s not properly cleaned does not disappear. Rather, it gets blown into your home and pollutes your indoor air. When your HVAC equipment is clean, your indoor air will be cleaner as well.

Whether you want the benefits offered by an HVAC service plan or prefer to schedule tuneups seasonally, the equipment care professionals at D & D Air Conditioning and Heating can keep your equipment in high-performance mode. To learn more about preventive maintenance in Fort Myers, Naples and the surrounding areas, visit us online or call us directly.

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