Is Your HVAC Air Handler Making Funny Noises?

Is Your HVAC Air Handler Making Funny Noises?

You want your HVAC systems to keep your Lehigh Acres, FL comfortable, but we don’t like hearing them make any unnecessary noise. A funny noise coming from your air conditioner or other HVAC systems could be indicative of a maintenance problem. Here are a few common noises that you might hear.


If you hear a rattling sound coming from your HVAC system, that most likely indicates that there is a foreign object or debris inside the system. This generally isn’t too difficult to fix when the rattling is coming from your outdoor unit. If it’s coming from an internal component, the repair will be somewhat more involved as your technician will need to partially disassemble your system to get access to it. Either way, the debris will need to be removed from your air handler before it can cause damage.


Hissing is indicative of an air leak. That may be a result of corrosion or other damage to your system, or it might just mean your air filter is the wrong size and doesn’t fit properly, allowing air to squeeze around it. In either case, it can cause a loss of efficiency, so you need to have that leak repaired soon.


When you hear a clanking sound, as opposed to a normal low hum, coming from your HVAC system, that means it likely has loose parts that are rubbing together. Often, that’s an issue with the blower motor fan, fan blades, or pipes. Loose parts can cause significant damage to your system if they aren’t fixed, so you definitely need to schedule HVAC services as soon as possible.

It’s totally normal for your HVAC system to make some noise, but if you hear anything out of the ordinary, you need to take action to protect your system from further damage. To learn more, check out our HVAC services online or call (239) 694-4849.

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