It’s Your Summer, Enjoy It!

It’s Your Summer, Enjoy It!

It’s that time of year again that lots of people highlight on their calendar: allergy season. You know it’s getting worse every year when the local news reports the pollen count with the weather. People with severe allergies may want to lock themselves away and be completely secluded from the environment for the next three to four months, but sometimes it isn’t always the pollen that a problem. Not many people know this, but sometimes your home can be the root of your problems.

A great way to reduce the allergens in your home is to have your air conditioning system properly maintained at the start of every season. Having your vehicle properly serviced is usually a top priority and so should your air conditioner’s maintenance. There are a multitude of little things that could potentially go wrong and unnoticed that can affect the efficiency of your system. Here are a few factors that could be at the root of your allergens:

Dirty Air Filters

Air filters are the lungs of your whole A/C system. The filters trap dirt and other airborne allergens, and if not changed regularly, can ruin a system over time. Your air system can become blocked, and it will work harder to produce cool air, which in turn will cause it to overheat. Not changing your air filter is the equivalent of running a mile and then breathing through a straw. Most air systems require you to change your filters about every 30 days.

Poor Air Filters

Air filters come in all shapes, sizes, and screen depths to capture various particles. Some filters are so complex, they can even seize mold, pet dander, pollen, and much more. Every system works differently with each filter, just like a vehicle and a new oil type. Out of date air systems are not made to handle newer filters and can also pull more energy for the system to work. Just like downloading a new operating system on your computer, you have to check and make sure your system can handle the work output without crashing. Before you go splurge on the Rolls Royce of air filters, verify that your system is compatible.

Allergens 2

On the other hand, purchasing cheap filters to cut costs will convert your clean air system into an allergy-spewing machine. Cheap filters do not have the necessary screens to capture all of the allergen intruders in your home and can often come loose in the system itself. Now there are even reusable filters that can be hand cleaned. Just note that if these filters are not thoroughly dried, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Filthy Air Ducts

Air ducts are the arteries of your air conditioning system, They carry the cool air throughout your home. When the chilled air comes in contact with the warm air in the ducts, condensation will occur. Unfortunately, wherever there is water, mold will not be too far behind. Properly cleaning and maintaining your air ducts at least once a year can reduce the risk of mold in your home’s air. You may be breathing in mold right now and have no idea. During a proper maintenance call, service technicians can check for leaks, plugs, and any minor problems in your system. Even the smallest breach can infect the whole system.

Summer should be a time to enjoy the outdoors, spend quality family time, and not hideaway indoors. But if your air conditioning system hasn’t been properly maintained, your home could be making your allergies worse by being inside, rather than outside. Call D&D Air Conditioning and Heating to schedule a maintenance call, or speak to a technician about allergy free filters and systems. It’s your summer, enjoy it!

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