Keep Warm in Mild Climates With a Heat Pump

Keep Warm in Mild Climates With a Heat Pump

Florida temperatures are generally above 60°F. That makes Fort Myers, FL an ideal place for a heat pump installation. This HVAC system has many advantages compared to other heating and cooling options:

Two Units in One

A new furnace installation must be matched with a compatible air conditioning installation. On the other hand, heat pumps include everything you need for indoor comfort in one energy-efficient package. By way of a reversing valve, heat pumps automatically heat or cool your home to achieve and maintain your preferred conditions. Unlike traditional HVAC systems, there’s only one system to install, maintain, and repair.

Outstanding Energy Efficiency

Most furnaces burn fuel to heat your home. Fuel is expensive. Heat pumps pull warmth from outdoor air and move it inside to heat your home. The heat in outdoor air is a free energy resource. Your only heating expense is the electricity used to power the unit. These systems also come with high SEER and HSPF ratings to reduce your energy costs even more.

Consistent Heating and Cooling

Heat pumps with inverter technology have longer running times than many furnaces. Rather than delivering periodic blasts of hot air, they supply just enough warmth to reach and maintain the thermostat setting. That prevents uncomfortable temperature fluctuations and unpleasant hot and cold spots in your home.

Better Humidity Control and Cleaner Indoor Air

In Florida, high indoor humidity can cause discomfort and encourage microbial growth. Because they have longer running times, heat pumps can maintain balanced indoor humidity levels. Longer running times also improve air circulation for cleaner indoor air.

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