Keeping Up with Commercial AC Maintenance

Keeping Up with Commercial AC Maintenance

Summer can be a hectic time for Fort Myers, FL business owners. Trying to maintain business as usual in the midst of summer vacations leaves the door open to overlooking maintenance for your air conditioning system. Here are three reasons why you need to be sure and stay on top of commercial AC maintenance.

Enhance Employee Productivity

Summer affects your employees in ways you might not think about or recognize. Long or uncomfortable commutes and the inability to wear flip-flops or sandals in the workplace can influence productivity even before employees arrive to start their day. A hot, stuffy work environment adds even more stress. Regular commercial AC maintenance ensures a refreshing, odor-free workplace, enhancing morale and empowering employees to perform at their best.

Ensure Clean, Healthy Air

In the summer, the zeal to keep out the heat and humidity intensifies the desire for a tight seal in commercial facilities. That tight seal, however, means your indoor air quality might suffer. Regular AC maintenance is one step you can take to assure a continual stream of fresh air inside your workplace.

Ease Budget Strains

In the business world, every dollar counts when you’re preparing a budget. High electric bills due to an inefficient air conditioner and unexpected AC repair bills are two budget-busters for business owners. Our professional AC services, especially preventive maintenance, enable you to relax. Following a regular maintenance program means that our service technicians will identify and repair AC problems in their infancy rather than allowing them to become major issues that adversely affect your budget.

D & D Air Conditioning and Heating provides a full line of professional AC services to Fort Myers, FL businesses including installation, repair, and maintenance. If you want to bypass the negative consequences of inadequate commercial AC maintenance, check out the Comfort Care Service Program we offer or call (239) 694-4849.

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