Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your AC

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your AC

Originally published in July 2017

Fort Myers’ residents have to deal with serious heat and humidity. You need cooling power that can pack a punch for six to nine months of the year. That’s quite a workload, but if you give your air conditioner all the help you can it will reward you with consistent comfort. Here’s how to maximize AC performance while keeping energy costs low:

Put AC Maintenance First

Don’t expect your air conditioner to perform like a champ if you don’t tune it up. Maintenance is the cornerstone of optimized cooling performance, and high performance is the key to energy-efficient operation. With spring maintenance, not only will your system score high marks for beating the heat, but it will also keep operating costs within reason.

Don’t Underestimate the Need for Fresh Filters

Filters are your air conditioner’s first line of defense against indoor air pollution and the grit that blocks airflow and prevents efficient performance. Filters should usually be replaced every month. A totally clogged filter can destroy your system, but even a slightly dirty filter can cause your AC to operate at a deficit. Households with pets that shed may need fresh filters as often as every few weeks.

Switch to a Programmable Thermostat

The Honeywell PRO 4000 programmable thermostat is a high-tech instrument that can reduce your air conditioner’s workload and cut energy usage by up to 33 percent. You can set the device to turn the temperature up automatically when your family leaves for the day and to turn it back down just before the first family member returns home.

Keep Curtains Closed by Day

The sun can generate a lot of indoor heat, and it can increase your electric bills considerably. If your home receives direct sunlight, blackout curtains with a white plastic backing might be a savvy investment. Regardless of your window treatments, keep them closed by day; you’ll decrease solar heating, reduce your AC’s workload and keep your cooling costs manageable.

Just a few simple actions can give your Fort Myers air conditioner everything it needs to maintain a comfortable indoor environment regardless of how steamy it gets outside. To discover how AC maintenance can pay for itself, visit D & D Air Conditioning and Heating or give us a call to learn more about our air conditioning services.

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