Why You Should Periodically Check Your Condensate Line

Why You Should Periodically Check Your Condensate Line

The purpose of the condensate line is to drain the moisture that your air conditioning system has extracted from the warm air it removes. If you don’t regularly check the line for clogs, it can result in costly repairs and damage. Here’s why you should periodically check your condensate line, especially during the humid summers in Fort Myers.

Prevent Costly Repairs to Your Air Conditioning System

Checking the drain line is a simple step, yet homeowners forget about it and end up paying for it when it’s too late. If the condensate pipe becomes clogged, it’ll trap water in your air conditioning system. The evaporator coil will eventually freeze that water as well as any moisture inside the drain line. Although your AC will shut off sooner or later, it won’t do so without perhaps suffering damage that will either result in costly repairs or a premature system replacement.

Prevent Contamination That Can Impact Your Health

The condensate drain pan is located under your AC system’s evaporator coil. After your air conditioner extracts moisture from the warm air it removes from your home, it dumps it into the condensate pan before it trickles through the drain line. If the drain line clogs, the condensate pan eventually overflows. This promotes microbial growth, and breathing any of that air can result in headaches, irritated eyes and sinus infections.

Prevent Costly Damage to Your Home and Belongings

Your air conditioner isn’t the only thing a clogged condensate pipe can damage. If you don’t periodically check the drain line and it leads to a pan that overflows, it can cause ceiling leaks, damage drywall and create a fire hazard by dripping on electrical wiring. To remove obstructions in the drain line, pour a cup of bleach into the opening of the drain pipe near the AC unit.

The number-one way to prevent or repair a clogged condensate line is to schedule AC maintenance. If you’d like more information about our preventive plans, or if you need help unclogging a condensate pipe, check out our comfort care maintenance page or contact D & D Air Conditioning and Heating at (239) 694-4849.

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