Signs Your AC’s Compressor May Be Going Out

Signs Your AC’s Compressor May Be Going Out

The AC compressor, which is located in the outdoor unit, turns refrigerant into cold air. If compressor issues aren’t addressed immediately, it can be the end of your air conditioner. Keep an eye out for the warning signs listed below. The sooner you summon a Fort Myers, FL HVAC technician, the more likely you’ll be to avoid an AC replacement.

Hard Starting

An air conditioner is hard starting when it hesitates, vibrates, shudders, or shakes while turning on. Hard starting means that the compressor needs emergency care. Don’t push the unit by continuing to start it; you could damage the compressor even more. Instead, turn the AC off and wait for the cavalry to arrive.

Alarming Noises

Clicking and ticking usually mean that the electrical relay switch that starts the compressor is worn out. Rattling can be caused by a dislodged fan motor knocking around inside the unit. It can also be caused by failed motor mounts.

Warm Air

Warm air from your vents or puddles around the unit can mean a refrigerant leak. Without refrigerant, even the highest quality HVAC products won’t produce cold air. Running the system without refrigerant can place the compressor under extreme duress.

Tripping Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers trip when they have a short circuit or when they’re overloaded. Frequent tripping can mean that the compressor is overheating and tripping the breaker. Don’t continue to reset the breaker. You might further damage the compressor and create a fire hazard.

Weak Airflow

Obstructed airflow is usually caused by a dirty filter or by clogged ductwork. If you allow your air conditioner to operate with weak airflow, it can strain your compressor to the point of failure.

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