Why the Simple Choice is the Best.

Why the Simple Choice is the Best.

In life there are a few things that will always remain the same. First, we know summers will always be hot in Southwest Florida. Some say the only guarantees in life are death and taxes, but they clearly have never lived down here. The other constant in life is that people will always try to remedy a problem with solutions that are, shall we say, “outside the box.” It does not matter how impractical the alternate solution to a problem is, we all know at least one person who insists on tackling a job themselves in the most unorthodox method imaginable. Here are a few alternate solutions to getting your A/C unit properly serviced by a professionally trained technician that you should avoid.


Solution #1: Hire a team to fan you with palm fronds.

At first, hiring a team to fan you with palm fronds sounds like a practical solution when the air conditioner is on the fritz. In Florida, palm fronds are readily available and cheap. Unfortunately finding a qualified team to fan you with said palm fronds will be a much harder task. Since the collapse of the Roman Empire palm frond operators have been much harder to find and if you do find a team of frond operators they won’t come cheap. A much more sensible option would be to call qualified technicians (like the ones at DD Air Conditioning and Heating) who are readily available.




Solution #2: Leave your refrigerator open all the time.

A refrigerator is just an air conditioner for your food, right? Leaving the fridge open 24 hours a day seems like an easy fix when your A/C unit can’t keep up. Unfortunately, leaving the fridge open can lead to food spoilage, which leads to wasted food and sickness. For your own safety we recommend you call a licensed, qualified air conditioning service company, whose technicians won’t ruin your food and won’t give you a food born illness. What they will do is get you’re A/C unit running like new again.


Solution #3: Learn to control your body temperate through meditation.

As crazy as it sounds, some Tibetan monks and nuns can control their body temperature through meditation and breathing. Meditation is free, which would make this the ultimate remedy for an air conditioner that just can’t keep you cool. Unfortunately, it can take years upon years of dedicated practice to master these cooling meditative techniques. And what about when you are entertaining guests, how will they stay cool? A much quicker solution, once again, is to call a reputable air conditioning service company. It won’t take years or even weeks for their qualified technicians to help take care of your air conditioning needs. Your guests will thank you!




Solution #4: Turn into a cold-blooded reptile.

If you have lived down here in Southwest Florida long enough then you know lizards, snakes and alligators seems to be handling the heat just fine and have been doing so for a very long time. So, why not just turn into an alligator? The cover your home provides from the suns rays will be more than sufficient to regulate your body temperature, and if you get too hot you can just slide into a river or pond and cool off. This option is especially convenient for golfers, as gators also love spending countless hours on the banks of water hazards. No doubt they too are looking for that shanked 3-iron shot that rolled toward the water.


Unfortunately, the technology currently does not exist to turn humans into alligators. However, your local, trusted air conditioning company (hint, hint) does have all the technology and expertise to get your home back to the perfect temperature; so even if your golf game is red hot, you can stay nice and cool.


Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. While palm frond waving assistants may seem luxurious and learning an ancient meditation ritual would be a great conversation starter, these solutions just aren’t practical. When it comes to your air conditioner, your home, and your comfort the best choice is obvious. Let the professionals help you find that perfect state of comfort and piece of mind.

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