Your Southwest Florida Summer Air Conditioning Checklist

Your Southwest Florida Summer Air Conditioning Checklist

Summer is upon us! The first of the summer storms have started to make their appearance. That means it’s time to review our trusted summer checklist to ensure all A/C units and HVAC systems can brave the intense heat of the summer!

  1. Clean the A/C Filters

You should be changing the filter for you’re A/C once a month. If it’s been longer, do it now before you forget! The filter’s job is to collect the dust and dirt from reaching the expensive parts of the system. When the filters build up with debris, it has to work much harder to push air into the house. It can also push some of the debris into the house, so make sure to change your filter!

  1. Cover your HVAC unit

It is easy to forget about the HVAC unit next to the house. In the heat of the summer, the HVAC unit has to work harder to cool the house because it is fighting the summer heat to produce the cold air. An easy solution is to create shade or build a housing unit to protect it from direct sunlight and heat. A housing unit can also protect it from leaves and dirt that can get into the unit, making it work harder and costing you more money.

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  1. Have your Ductwork Cleaned

If it has been more than five years, call a professional to come and check the duct system to determine if it needs to be cleaned. Over time, allergens and micro-debris build up in the system and can pollute air in the house. In addition, it will slow down the air flow, making the air conditioner work harder and drive up your energy bill. Save money now by calling in a professional to inspect your system’s ductwork.

  1. Schedule a Maintenance Check

Air conditioning units should have a maintenance check at least once a year. Ideally in Southwest Florida, the best time is right before summer because a professional can help tune your A/C for optimal performance. The inspection can also help catch little things that may cause the unit to breakdown in the heat of the summer. Follow up on a maintenance check to make sure you have the best performing A/C unit that will save you money by running efficiently.

Follow these four tips so you and your family can focus on keeping it cool in the pool or the beach all summer long!

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