Thinking About Getting a New Thermostat?

Thinking About Getting a New Thermostat?

A new thermostat may seem like a minor addition to your Cape Coral, FL home, but the reality is that it can prove to be provide major benefits. Here in Florida, where we depend on our air conditioners extensively throughout the year, the right thermostat can make a massive impact on your utility bills. Here are a few types of thermostats to consider:

Programmable Thermostats

Most families’ cooling needs fluctuate throughout the day. In particular, everyone is often at work or school during the hottest part of the day, and turning off the air conditioner while the house is empty can save you a bundle. The benefit of programmable thermostats is that they can be set to automatically turn the AC down during the day and back up just before you get back home.

Zoned Control Thermostats

Home zoning gives you fine-tuned control over your home cooling systems. For example, if you have a room that you only use occasionally, such as a guest room, you can put it in a separate cooling zone and close the door when you don’t need to use it. Likewise, you can individually adjust the temperature in rooms that always seem to run hot or cold.

WiFi Thermostats

While it’s great to be able to program your thermostat ahead of time, it’s even better to be able to control it remotely. WiFi thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature of your home no matter where you are using your mobile device. When your plans change unexpectedly, just press a button to turn the AC on when you’re on your way home. By the time you arrive, your home will be cool, comfortable and ready to welcome you.

These are just a few of the advanced thermostats that can cut your utility bills and improve comfort. To learn more about your new thermostat options, check out our products online or call (239) 694-4849.

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