Tips for Troubleshooting An AC That Isn’t Cooling

Tips for Troubleshooting An AC That Isn’t Cooling

Every resident of the Fort Myers area knows how vital it is to have a working AC. With 271 sunny days per year and an average high July temperature that’s hotter than the rest of Florida, it’s no wonder that people want to escape the heat and humidity by enjoying their air conditioner. This makes it extremely distressing when the AC stops working properly. The good news is there are some easy troubleshooting tips you can utilize to help get your unit to produce cool air again.

Inspect the Unit for Reduced Air Flow

The number one reason that an air conditioner stops blowing cool air is that something is blocking the air flow. Always turn the AC’s power off before you remove the air-handler cabinet door to check for issues. Next, replace the air filter and look for any ice on the coils.

If ice is present, turn your system off, let the ice melt and turn the system on again. If this doesn’t fix the problem or you don’t see any ice, you may need a professional AC repair technician to recharge the refrigerant level.

Check for a Blocked Condensate Line

You’ll find a condensate line next to the air conditioner’s outside unit. This pipe should be dripping water when your air conditioner is running. This integral piece will stop the unit from working if it becomes blocked. In most cases, a blockage is caused by algae, so you will need to clean the condensate line to get cool air flowing again.

Most people can clean a condensate line on their own with distilled vinegar or diluted bleach solution, and a wet/dry vacuum. However, if your condensate line is in a difficult to access place or you feel uncomfortable cleaning it, reach out to an HVAC technician for assistance.

Clear Up Any Other Issues

If you’re unable to find the problem or are still having issues after troubleshooting, it’s best to work with a professional AC repair company. Learn more about common air conditioning maintenance needs by contacting D & D Air Conditioning and Heating at (239) 694-4849.

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