Top 10 Reasons to Stay Inside During the Florida Summer

Top 10 Reasons to Stay Inside During the Florida Summer

We all know Florida is quite possibly the worst state to live in. It is a terrible vacation spot, has horrible weather, it’s overcrowded, etc. Living in Florida is certainly no picnic, that’s why we encourage everyone to stay inside throughout the summertime. Who could go outside and actually enjoy what Florida has to offer? Here are D&D Air’s top ten reasons to stay inside during the summer.

1. There is nowhere to keep cool in the Florida heat.


2. The weather is so predictable.


3. Florida does not offer quality outdoor family fun.


4. The Florida wildlife is so boring.


5. The beaches are so crowded.


6. Who goes to Florida to Golf?


7. There is nowhere to re-connect with nature.


8. Florida is horrible for BBQ’s.


9. For such a flat state, the wind is too crazy.


10. There is nowhere to kick back and relax.


Our advice is to kick back, crank the A/C, and flip on the television until summer is over and fall is around the corner. It’s almost over SWFL – let’s just endure this last bit and wait for everyone’s favorite season, winter.

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