How to Keep Warm in the Freezing Florida Winter

How to Keep Warm in the Freezing Florida Winter

While all of the Snowbirds flock down south to enjoy the warmer weather, Floridians are sealing their windows and doors in preparation of everyone’s least favorite time of year: Winter. November is already here and December is fast-approaching, which means (gulp) temperatures in the mid-to-low 60s. And if you’re someone whose idea of a perfect day is lounging by the pool in the sun, this is a logical reason to panic.

Here are some ways to keep yourself from freezing in the coming winter months.

Wrap Yourself in Layers of Blankets. You’re a Floridian. Which means you likely don’t own any warm jackets or scarves aside from That One Sweater That’s Way Too Itchy. But what you do have is the comforter that sits on your bed, unused, year-round! Collect all of the duvets from around your house and form a cocoon around yourself to make sure that not even a lick of cold air touches your skin.

Adopt a Pet. In fact, get multiple pets – the furrier, the better! Have you ever had a dog fall asleep on your feet? How about a cat dozing away on your chest? Crawl into bed and cover every inch of your body with a different pet until it looks like one big, living blanket. You’ll never experience cold again.



Drink Nonstop Hot Chocolate. The only good thing about winter is that it means you can drink hot chocolate without feeling like you’re overheating! In fact, you’ll welcome the usually too-warm sensation of the hot, chocolatey liquid. As an added bonus, holding the warm mug will keep your hands nice and toasty.

Have a Bonfire*. If you’re one of those rare Florida homes that has an inexplicable bonfire pit in its backyard, it’s time to clear out the weeds and throw some logs on it! Roast marshmallows for added warmth and comfort. And if you don’t have a fire pit, just use the Yankee candles that people keep giving you for Christmas every year!

Hibernate. If all else fails, take a lengthy and much-needed nap. Bears and squirrels do it, so why can’t you? Between the Halloween candy and Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll definitely have consumed enough food to sleep peacefully until the flowers bloom again in spring.

* Note: Please consult state and local safety guidelines before having a bonfire.

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