What to Look for When You Need an AC Repair

What to Look for When You Need an AC Repair

It’s that time—your AC unit has started making funny sounds, emitting strange smells, or just stopped working altogether. You need to find a trustworthy AC repair contractor in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Estero, Naples, Marco Island, Lehigh Acres or the surrounding area. Where do you even start? What should you look for in an HVAC company? If you’re in need of air conditioning repairs, here’s what should be on your checklist as you shop for an AC repair contractor.

Certified Technicians

Just like you wouldn’t go to a doctor without a license to practice medicine, you don’t want to hire an AC repair contractor who isn’t certified to do the work properly. In the HVAC business, the gold standard for technicians is typically a NATE certification, or North American Technician Excellence certification.


Any company worth your time and money should be able to provide positive reviews or references from satisfied former or current customers. Don’t be afraid to ask for references from customers who’ve had their AC repaired by the company in the past. Usually, repeat business is a good sign that you’re dealing with a good contractor.

Full Spectrum of Services

Ideally, AC repair contractors will do more than just fix emergency HVAC situations for you. They’ll also offer services like service programs to avoid costly repairs, installation and replacement, and indoor air quality solutions. In other words, look for a company that’s well-rounded enough to handle not just your AC but also your heating, ventilation, maintenance, etc.

Would you like to know more about D & D Air Conditioning and Heating? We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our company and our experience with AC repair. You can also ask us specific questions about what’s going on with your AC unit. Just give us a call.

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