What You Should Know About AC Condensers

What You Should Know About AC Condensers

Having a working knowledge of your HVAC system can help you manage your AC and heating systems much more effectively. Your local heating and cooling company can provide you with expert guidance and information about the various parts of your system. Here are some key facts every Lehigh Acres, FL homeowner should know about AC condensers and how they work.

How Your Condenser Unit Works

AC condensers are hot coils that work with an evaporator to create cooler temperatures indoors. The condenser unit is usually located outside your home to allow it to release heat outdoors. During the cooling process, your condenser compresses refrigerant and converts it from a vapor to its liquid form. Next, heat is forced from the refrigerant into the outside air, Here, it is dispersed by the fan at the top of your condenser. The refrigerant returns inside the building where it absorbs heat and lowers the temperature.

Maintaining Your AC Condenser

ENERGY STAR recommends cleaning the coils and outer fins of your condenser unit regularly. This process will remove dirt and dust that can reduce the efficiency and the longevity of this vital component.

When to Upgrade Your Condenser

An AC installation can be the perfect time to upgrade your condenser to a more energy-efficient model. Your heating and cooling company can help you decide on the right condenser for your Florida home or business.

At D & D Air Conditioning and Heating, we focus on providing the most practical and cost-effective solutions for our clients. With more than 30 years of experience in the Lehigh Acres area, we know how to combat even the hottest Florida summers. To learn more about our lineup of AC condensers, call us today at (239) 694-4849. We look forward to hearing from you.

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