Why Proper Ventilation for Your Home is Crucial

Why Proper Ventilation for Your Home is Crucial

The tropical climate in Fort Myers, FL, puts a big focus on air conditioning. However, ventilation is also important to your comfort, health, and safety at home. Read on to learn about why proper ventilation is crucial and how you can improve your home’s ventilation for optimal health and well-being.

Reduce Humidity

Many of your daily activities cause excess humidity to build up in your home. According to the American Lung Association, high humidity may worsen allergy and asthma symptoms. Proper ventilation helps remove excess humidity, keeping your home in the ideal 30% to 50% range.

Better Indoor Air Quality

When you cook, shower, or clean, you often add humidity, part6icluates, and volatile organic compounds to the air. Dust, pet hair, and pollen also contribute to air quality problems. If your home lacks adequate ventilation, you’ll keep breathing the same old, stale air all day and night. Proper ventilation uses active methods to blow older air out of your home and bring in fresh air. Many whole-home ventilators work with your heating and cooling equipment to filter the air and warm or cool it before it enters your living spaces. These systems help you to breathe more easily and feel more comfortable.

Lower Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Even though you won’t need heating too often in Fort Myers, your home likely has several gas-powered appliances. Your home’s fireplace, water heater, oven, or clothes dryer may use natural gas. Proper ventilation of the byproducts of natural gas combustion is critical to your safety. When the carbon monoxide gas is ventilated out of your home, there’s no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Exhaust fans, routine flue cleaning, appliance tune-ups, and carbon monoxide alarms all play an important role in preventing carbon monoxide poisoning in your home.

To learn more about the benefits of proper ventilation for your home, check out D & D Air Conditioning and Heating’s indoor air quality services, or contact us today for more details.

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