Dependable Air Conditioning Maintenance in Fort Myers and Surrounding Areas

comfortCareD & D Air Conditioning and Heating’s COMFORT CARE Service Program is designed to define potentially expensive problems and will help keep equipment operating at peak performance for maximum comfort and energy savings. This service program is offered for air conditioning and heating systems.

Our COMFORT CARE Service Program provides you with one maintenance visit within a twelve month period performed by a certified technician. You will receive peak performance and peace of mind.

There are many benefits to investing in professional heating and air conditioning maintenance. You will experience far fewer breakdowns, avoid costly repairs and save money on your utility bills because your system is cleaner and running more efficiently. The best way to make sure you are maintaining your AC system is with an air conditioning maintenance agreement.

  Clean outdoor condenser coil

  Inspect inside evaporator coil

  Clean and adjust safety controls

  Inspect all electrical connections

  Clean and flush condensate drain

  Clean and adjust blower components

  Replace/clean filter (owner supplied)

  Adjust operating pressures

  Check starting capabilities

  Measure temperature split

  Calibrate all thermostats

  Lubricate all moving parts

  HVAC maintenance report

  Monitor voltage and amperage

  Satisfaction guaranteed

  Discounted repairs

  Priority customer care

  No overtime fees

With our annual home air conditioning maintenance, you can enjoy the benefits of reduced cooling and heating costs, home protection, improved equipment efficiency, longer equipment lifespan, and the status of a preferred customer with discounts when you call for repairs. The agreement is transferable, and once you have this peace of mind, you can rest assured that all your air conditioning equipment will be in good hands.


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